Things to do in San Diego

Curtis Jackson jackson at adobe.COM
Sat Jan 21 13:51:36 AEST 1989

In article <34 at elgar.UUCP> ag at elgar.UUCP (Keith Gabryelski) writes:
}You might want to walk across the boarder.  It is much easier, and cab
}fare, once you are across, in nil (2 bucks to Revolucion').
}Also, driving across the boarder is an experience for the un-initiated
}(not impossible, just interesting).

First of all, it'll cost you $10 to park in the closest parking lot
(I did it over Christmas).  Secondly, a *CAB* to Revolucion!!!
It's only about a 6-block walk, ferchrissakes!

You ugly Americans!

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