USENIX weather

Brian Kantor brian at ucsd.EDU
Sun Jan 29 14:48:25 AEST 1989

Weather forecast for San Diego for the upcoming week of the USENIX
conference is for clear and warm all week.  Lows 42-48, highs 62-70.
Dry, with humidity as low as 20% early in the week, moister later.
Fog early morning and late night.  Windy at times.  Bring a jacket 
(and your OPs; the hotel has nice pools and jacuzzi).  

Moderate surf, water temp 56 - wet suit and a great deal of dedication
required.  The beach is 10 minutes away by car; the zoo 15.

There is a golf course right next to the hotel, and a very large
shopping center just behind it (movies, fastfood, ice cream, earrings,
clothes, toys, etc.).  You can walk to either in a minute or 3.

Note that public transporation in San Diego is a sick joke; if you plan
on leaving the hotel you will need a car.

		- Brian

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