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Eric S. Raymond eric at
Fri Jan 27 01:26:08 AEST 1989

In <27728 at> fair at (Erik E. Fair) writes:
> [Announcement of USENET user interfaces BOF]
> The whole point is to stimulate some progress in this area, and we
> VERY strongly encourage IMPLEMENTORS to join in, since these good
> ideas will go nowhere if no one implements them. You know who you are!

Yes, yes, I know. You mean me (among a few others). I'd love to be there
and tell you guys all about my thread-following code and the enhanced 
subject-line listing features and schemes for implementing hypertext-style
filter-by-link. Abd I'd love to hear about good new design ideas.

Unfortunately, working on TMNN and my recent hardware troubles have left
me in a bad hole -- I can't *afford* USENIX. Even the bloody *plane fare*
would sink me. Unless you can get the conference organizers to scholarship
me, I'm not gonna be there. Sigh...
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