Commercialism and Usenet (Re: DEC PMAX posting)

Trevor Darrell trevor at mit-amt
Tue Jan 31 13:00:31 AEST 1989

In article <4326 at> lp at (Larry Palmer) writes:
>                              You've seen the ads.
>                           You've read the articles.
>                            You've heard the gossip.
>                            Come see the real thing!
>                    Look for the Digital Hospitality Suite.
>                      All this week at Winter 1989 USENIX.
>                     Watch for announcements concerning the
>                                time and place.
>                   See the DECSTATION 3100 (code name: PMAX).
>                     Hit the keys and ring the bells on the
>                  hottest new workstation in the UNIX marketplace!

Perhaps we could keep this blatent comercialism off of
Usenet and the Internet, eh? This is the place for techical
discussions, not marketing hype. The fact that DEC is showing
off their latest product at a USENIX is hardly a surprise, nor
is it news.



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