aircraft carrier tours

Mark Brader msb at sq.uucp
Fri Jan 20 06:02:06 AEST 1989

[If you get two versions of this, it's not my fault, I cancelled the first.]

> > Jingoism aside, my bet is that every military in the world holds very
> > stringent security of foreign nationals around sensitive (how about nuclear
> > capable) military installations.
> Absolutely right--just *try* boarding one of the RCMP's vessels.

Is this a joke?  [No ":-)" was used.]  The RCMP is a police force, not a
military force.  The name stands for Royal Canadian Mounted Police,
where the 1st and 3rd words are retained mostly for reasons of tradition.
They police federal installations and any province or (small) municipality
that doesn't have its own police.

In any case, we weren't talking about *sensitive* military installations.
Even a country's own nationals will not be freely admitted to those.

We were talking about a *public tour* that was said to be open to Americans
only; but which, according to someone's followup, actually was open to all.

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