E-mail to San Diego USENIX Attendees

Brian Kantor brian at ucsd.EDU
Thu Jan 26 09:41:35 AEST 1989

Electronic mail sent to
	user_name at usenix.ucsd.edu
			(example:   ralph_jones at usenix.ucsd.edu)
			(example:   ucsd!usenix.ucsd.edu!John_Thomas)

or (for you poor bitnet folk with 8x8 mailbox names)


will be printed (150 lines max) and posted on the message board at the
conference.  Please include something obvious in the message so that the
message center people can figure out who it's for so they can pin it
under the proper letter.

Obviously mail sent this way isn't secure, so mailing out your root
password would be a bad idea.  Also, please don't forward your mail
to this address; we can't afford the trees to print all that.
	- Brian

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