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	(Henry Spencer) writes:
> Be warned, also, that if you're from outside the US, you probably can't go.
> (This is the general pattern in the US these days for such things...)

Weelll...  I'm an alien, but I've walked around US navy ships when I happen
to have been near one which has been open to the public during my visits to
the States.  If the US military wants to show off its hardware, that's fine
by me, and I'll go a little out of my way to take a look.  Not that I've
ever seen anything which seems to me to be anywhere near ``the state of the
art''.  You know, just old lethal stuff, not new lethal stuff.  Even after
I've opened my mouth to expose my very wonderful English accent, nobody has
arrested me, or even asked to see my driver's license -- despite my having
the unaccountable feeling that maybe I was doing something a little naughty.
(All they're liable to do is ask whether I'm Australian.)

Or, to put it another way, Loosen up, Henry; I don't think that things
south of the border are yet as bad as you suggest.
Dominic Dunlop
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