Computing Facilities at USENIX

Brian Kantor brian at ucsd.EDU
Fri Jan 27 09:01:08 AEST 1989

Since many people were asking about tape and floppy duplication
facilities at USENIX, we were able to borrow some systems that will be
available for use:

	Sun-2 with Archive cartridge and 1600bpi 9-track tape
	AT&T 3B2/310 with floppy and XM cartridge tape
	AT&T 6300 (MS-DOS, similar to an IBM PC) with 360K floppy
	AT&T 7300 Unix-PC with floppy

I'm not sure where these will be located - perhaps in the terminal room,
or wherever there's adequate security to keep them from vanishing.
	- Brian

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