Things to do in San Diego

Robert E. Van Cleef vancleef at
Fri Jan 20 09:38:47 AEST 1989

In article <2452 at spdcc.SPDCC.COM> dyer at ursa-major.spdcc.COM (Steve Dyer) writes:
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>>Is anyone familiar with the policies regarding visiting Mexico?    I'll
>>be hanging around the weekend after USENIX, and would like to roadtrip
>>to Tijuana for a day ..  Is it OK to drive rental cars into Mexico,
>>etc?   How far is it?
>The Mexican border is only a short car trip from San Diego proper; if my memory
>serves, it must be less than 20 min away.
The San Diego Trolly runs from downtown San Diego to the border crossing.
>You won't need a passport or a visa, though you should have proper
Unless you are a foriegn (to the USA) national.  My brother-in-law,
from West Germany, had a real bad time when he left his passport at
the house and took a day trip to TJ.  If you need a passport to get
into the US in the first place, you had better have it with you....


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