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Eric Black ericb at athertn.Atherton.COM
Thu Jan 26 11:41:37 AEST 1989

For those folks who are interested in a New England contradance, and
will still be around, there will be one in San Diego on Friday night,
Feb. 3.  For those who don't know what a contradance is:

   1) it has nothing at all to do with politics, Ollie North, et al
   2) it has been characterized as
          "The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On"

It's an American folk dance form which is a descendent of English country
dancing.  The term "contra" derives from the dance formation, which is
two opposing lines, dancers standing opposite their partner ("contra"
to each other).  If you've ever seen a "Virginia Reel", it is a kind
of contradance.  You could also think of it as sort of like a square
dance "un-bent" into a line.

The dance will be held at:
    The Polish American Hall
    1934  30th St.
    San Diego

And will start at 8:00 PM.  I am told admission is $3.50.
Live music (*always* live music at a contradance!) will be provided
by the Shimsa Gael Contradance Band, with calling by Eric Black from
San Francisco, ex-New Hampshire (hey, that name sounds familiar :-).

Directions from Mission Valley area:
    East on I-8 to I-805 South
    Take University Ave. off-ramp (might also be called "North Park Way")
    Go east to 30th St., turn left (south), follow jigs and jogs for
       over a mile until Cedar, jog right, left, and park.
I should have some maps available if you can find me at the conference.
Leave a note on the message board for me.

See you there!

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