Things to do in San Diego

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Fri Jan 20 02:04:50 AEST 1989

In article <462 at megatek.UUCP>, mark at corona.megatek.uucp (Mark Thompson) writes:
> If you are going to be in town on: Fri-Sun 1/27-1/29 or Sat-Mon 2/4-2/6
> you may be interested in seeing the "Festival of Animation" at the 
> LaJolla Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Re:  Things to do CLOSE to San Diego.  8^)

Is anyone familiar with the policies regarding visiting Mexico?    I'll
be hanging around the weekend after USENIX, and would like to roadtrip
to Tijuana for a day ..  Is it OK to drive rental cars into Mexico,
etc?   How far is it?   We northerners are only familiar with how
to get into Canada. . 8^)


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