DECstation 3100 at USENIX this week

David F. Carlson dave at micropen
Tue Jan 31 03:10:59 AEST 1989

In article <4325 at>, lp at (Larry Palmer) writes:
>                               You've seen the ads.
                                You've seen the hype.
>                            You've read the articles.
                             You've read the marketing BS.
>                             You've heard the gossip.
                              You've been inundated by vapor.
>                             Come see the real thing!
                              Come see someone else's machine resold by DEC!
>                     Look for the Digital Hospitality Suite.
>                       All this week at Winter 1989 USENIX.
							 Look for gratuitous DEC propaganda crossposted 
							   to several USENET groups you read.
>                    See the DECSTATION 3100 (code name: PMAX).
                     See a DEC so crippled by mid-70's technology they can't 
							  produce competitive machines of their own designs.
>                      Hit the keys and ring the bells on the
>                   hottest new product in the UNIX marketplace!

							  Hit the panic button:
						  Olsen and the boys are out to sell some quick "snake-oil"!

inews: i hate you.
inews: i hate you.
inews: i hate you.
inews: i hate you.
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