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Fri Jan 20 10:08:53 AEST 1989

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>Is anyone familiar with the policies regarding visiting Mexico?

As long as you have ID, you shouldn't have any problem.

>be hanging around the weekend after USENIX, and would like to roadtrip
>to Tijuana for a day ..  Is it OK to drive rental cars into Mexico,

You must check with your rental place.

There are several mex-insurance places that cost about 11 bucks for
full coverage (for the day).

>How far is it?

less than 20 minutes.

You might want to walk across the boarder.  It is much easier, and cab
fare, once you are across, in nil (2 bucks to Revolucion').

Also, driving across the boarder is an experience for the un-initiated
(not impossible, just interesting).

Pax, Keith
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