Looking for substitute for Tutorials M6 & T10

Jerry_I_Latter at cup.portal.com Jerry_I_Latter at cup.portal.com
Wed Jan 25 07:29:12 AEST 1989

I am registered for the following 2 tutorials at the Winter Usenix
and need to cancel:

M6 - X Window System (Monday, Jan 30, 9am-5pm)	
T10-NeWS 	     (Tuesday, Jan 31 9am-5pm)

I cannot get my registration fee back without a substitute.  
Please call me if you are interested in either of these tutorials.

						Thanks in advance

						Jerry Latter
						jerry_latter at cup.portal.com
				or sun!portal!cup.portal.com!jerry_latter
				Phone: 415-327-4064

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