Chicago Tutorials - 10/30/89

John Donnelly johnd at boulder.Colorado.EDU
Tue Oct 17 04:46:10 AEST 1989

The USENIX Association is initiating  a  series  of  Profes-
sional  Development Seminars in cities throughout the United
States.  The seminar program  is  a  subset  of  the  highly
acclaimed  tutorial offerings presented at the Association's
semi-annual Conferences.  It  will  be  presented  in  major
metropolitan  areas that are not currently scheduled for one
of the Conferences.

                    The Seminar Program
The three tutorials being offered  in  the  initial  seminar
program  were  selected  because  of  the broad range of the
topics, and their continous "sold out" status at  the  semi-
annual  Conferences.   Registration is limited to 150 people
per tutorial  to insure a consistent  level  of  interaction
between the instructor and the attendees.

                     Who Should Attend
The seminar program offers an in-depth look into three  dif-
ferent areas of UNIX:  operating systems, windowing schemes,
and languages.  People needing to expand their knowledge  in
any  of these areas will benefit from the material presented
by the instructors - all of them experts in their respective

                       Where and When
The initial Professional Development Seminar will be held at
The  Westin  Hotel,  Chicago,  909 N. Michigan Ave., Monday,
October 30, 1989.   The  registration  fee  ($295)  includes
tutorial  class  material, morning and afternoon breaks, and
lunch.  You may only register for ONE tutorial.

                      Seminar Program

                       Mach Overview
              Avadis Tevanian, Jr., NeXT, Inc.

Introduction To Programming The X Window System*, Version 11
            Oliver Jones, Apollo Computer, Inc.

                   An Introduction To C++
           Robert Murray, AT&T Bell Laboratories

For more information on the Professional Development Seminar
program contact:
                     USENIX Association
                  Exhibits/Tutorial Office
                   5398 Manhattan Circle
                     Boulder, CO 80303
               303-499-2600; FAX 303-499-2608
                      johnd at usenix.ORG

* The X Window System is a trademark of M.I.T.

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