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5th USENIX Computer Graphics Workshop

November 16-17, 1989, Doubletree Hotel, Monterey, CA

     The theme of the workshop is "personal graphics."  By this, we mean the
use of computer graphics to aid, benefit, or amuse a single person.  Generally,
personal graphics applications are highly interactive, so that the user has a
great deal of control over the result.  Furthermore, the graphics is frequently
not an end product, but is instead a communication medium between the user and

     The presentations in this workshop span a wide range of applications and
platforms, and range from the immediately practical to the visionary.  Several
of the presentations will include video tapes of interactive systems, and we
hope to also have some live demos.  Plenty of time will be included in the
schedule for interaction between attendees and speakers.

     The Workshop Chair is Spencer W. Thomas, University of Michigan.

Tentative Schedule

Thursday, November 16

Opening Session

"Microfabrication on the Macintosh" by Carlo H. Sequin

"3D Animation on the Macintosh with 3DWorks" by John F. Schlag and
Julian E. Gomez

"The Acorn Outline Font Manager" by Neil Raine, David Seal, William Stoye and
Roger Wilson

Programming Systems

"NeWS Classes" by Owen Densmore

"Visual Programming with Arachne" by John Danskin and Sally N. Rosenthal

"The Panel Library" by David A. Tristam

Friday, November 17

Lessons learned

"Learning from a Visualized Garbage Collector" by Mark Weiser, Barry Hayes and
Jock Mackinlay

"Design Considerations for Multitasking, Windowing, Networked, Multi-platform,
Distributed Applications" by Ron Reisman

"The Render Button" by Jon H. Pittman

Views of Other Worlds

"Part-Task Flight Simulation on a UNIX Graphics Workstation"
by Steven H. Philipson and Stefan Jeffers

"The Shape of PSIBER Space:  PostScript Interactive Bug Eradication Routines"
by Don Hopkins

"Virtual Reality" by Jaron Lanier

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