USENIX Exhibitions - Floor Sales

John Donnelly johnd at boulder.Colorado.EDU
Wed Oct 11 04:36:35 AEST 1989

A couple of months ago there was quite a bit of  traffic  on
the net concerning the rationale behind prohibiting sales on
the exhibit floor at the USENIX Association's annual techni-
cal exhibition.  Of particular interest was the inability of
attendees to purchase books/periodicals from the  publishing
companies   exhibiting   at  USENIX.   The  issue  has  been
The perception had been that  permitting  vendors  to   make
sales   on   the   exhibit   floor   could   jeopardize  the
Association's tax-exempt status, or  create  taxable  income
for  USENIX.   Legal counsel has advised the USENIX Associa-
tion that the generation of income by vendors at the techni-
cal  exhibition  would  not jeopardize the Association's tax
exempt status nor create a taxable event.
Vendors at future exhibitions will be informed of the  remo-
val  of  the no floor sales restriction.  USENIX retains the
right to determine what is appropriate  regarding  sales  on
the exhibit floor.

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