Formatting macros for Usenix papers

Andy Lowry lowry at
Wed Apr 11 02:33:03 AEST 1990

I'm preparing my paper for the upcoming Usenix conference, and the
submission instructions require the use of some "ms-like" macros.  Does
anybody have access to the precise macro library they'll be using?  It
will mean that I can use the required macros while I'm debugging my
document.  Otherwise I have to substitute for some of the non-ms macros
until it's ready to ship.  A pointer to where I can grab the macros via
anonymous ftp, or the macros themselves in an email message would be
much appreciated.

Andy Lowry, lowry at, (914) 784-7925
IBM Research, 30 Saw Mill River Road, P.O. Box 704, Yorktown Heights, NY  10598

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