Usenix versus Uniforum

Bill Campbell bill at camco.Celestial.COM
Thu Dec 6 04:23:09 AEST 1990

In <7856.27582da2 at> elee4fg at writes:

>I am confused.  Since I am new to Unix world, I am confused to the
>different between Usenix and Uniforum.
>Could somebody explain to me what are them.
>Seng C. Gan

Usenix members have beards, sandles, and program.

Uniforum members wear suits.

On a slightly more serious note.  Usenix tends to be much more
technically oriented with a Berkley bias while Uniforum is
concerned with real-world things like end-users, marketing,
standards, and applications.

I find the two groups complementary and have belonged to both.

These are my opinions and in no way anyone's official policy.
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