Getting to the Grand K

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Sat Dec 22 05:06:16 AEST 1990

In article <115081 at uunet.UU.NET> rick at uunet.UU.NET (Rick Adams) writes:
>SuperShuttle ...  Cost is currently $13.50 one way.
>Taxi service is available at an approximate cost of $22 one way.

I've had fair luck in the past wearing a Usenix t-shirt and loitering
by the rent-a-car counters looking for either folks I know or
likely-looking hacker-types and asking for a ride.  Often, since the
target is renting the car and driving to the hotel anyway, he/she is
happy to do a good deed, and to have someone to talk to for the boring

Usually if nothing happens in 20 minutes or so I just take the shuttle

  --berry (not going to make it this time :-()

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