June Usenix Conference - Call for Papers

Deborah Scherrer scherrer at mtxinu.COM
Tue Dec 11 09:58:40 AEST 1990

           Call for Papers:  Summer 1991 USENIX Conference
                    Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN
                           June 10-14, 1991


System designers and multimedia developers must face the challenge  of
how  to support and deliver the new types of interfaces--voice, video,
animated graphics, touch and  music--that  users  are  demanding  now.
While  adding immeasurably to the power of the computer for communica-
tion and expression of ideas, the new media multiply system complexity
and  magnify  the  challenge  of  providing  easy  access  to computer

*  What are the technical  engineering  requirements  to  enable  your
operating  systems to process effectively the new types of data?  What
must you, and your organization, do to prepare?

*  How can we design new multimedia interfaces to improve  information
handling?   What projects are underway now that offer insight into the
directions to be taken in developing fully integrated multimedia  sys-
tems within a coherent and meaningful framework?

These are some of the questions tackled by presenters and attendees at
the USENIX Summer 1991 Conference.

                         * Technical Papers *

The peer-reviewed technical track will feature papers on the engineer-
ing  requirements  for  supporting  and delivering multimedia systems,
particularly illustrating experiences with integrating  voice,  video,
audio,  touch and music.  The technical track will also present origi-
nal work in operating systems and environments.   Presentations  range
from formal research reports to practical problem-solving sessions and
will be published in the conference proceedings.

                     * Multimedia Presentations *

A highlight of the conference will be state-of-the-art multimedia pro-
ject  demonstrations  as  part  of  the technical track.  Applications
presented may include:

    -flight and other simulations
    -interactive video instructional systems
    -biological and scientific multimedia support
    -multimedia documents and desktop metaphors
    -hypermedia authoring systems
    -multimedia conferencing systems
    -integrated music systems
    -systems employing gestural interfaces

               * Multimedia Presentation Competition *

An august panel will award a prize to the most  impressive  multimedia
presentation offering the most technical depth.

                        * Panel Discussions *

Protection of Software Intellectual Property--What is  Fair  Use?  and
The  Far-Reaching  Possibilities of Location-Independent Computing are
among the topics currently under review as panel discussions.

                      * Invited Presentations *

Once again, the USENIX  Conference  will  offer  a  track  of  invited
presentations,  featuring interactive work-sessions tackling difficult
and practical problems.  Potential topics include, among others:  sys-
tem administration, software engineering techniques, and security.

                    * Works-in-Progress Sessions*

During these informal sessions, researchers and developers  provide  a
brief  overview  of  their current work and receive valuable feedback.
WIP presentations can be scheduled in advance, or on-site.

                      * Format for Submissions *

We invite submission of your papers and multimedia  presentations  for
the  technical  track.   Please target a sophisticated technical audi-
ence, particularly knowledgeable of operating system issues but keenly
interested  in  new  and  exciting  projects in many areas.  Suggested
topics include, though are not limited to:

    Multimedia, applications and research
            systems integrating voice, video, audio, touch, or music
            data compression technology
            user interface/human factors
            authoring systems
            hypermedia/multimedia documents
    Operating systems issues
            multiprocessor systems
            distributed systems
            secure systems
            fault tolerant systems
            systems for novel architectures
            distributed file systems
    Communications and Networking
            administration and security
    Programming environment
            user interfaces, windowing, graphics
            compilers and language technology
            software development and other support tools
            testing and debugging
    Sophisticated Applications
            transaction processing
            scientific, biological, medical, etc.

                       * Form of Submissions *

Submissions to the technical track should represent new work and be in
the  form  of  an abstract and outline.  Be complete enough to provide
details of your approach and give  the  committee  confidence  in  the
final  paper.   Full  papers  will  be accepted as well.  A submission
should be from 3-5 pages and include:

1.  Author name(s), postal addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail
2.  Abstract:  100-300 words.
3.  Outline:  2-5 pages giving enough details of the approach or
    algorithms to allow the committee to understand and judge the
4.  References and citations to relevant literature.  Better show you
    are aware of previous work (and not reinventing the wheel).
5.  Time needed for presentation.  Slots are usually 30 minutes but
    adjustment can be made when in-depth background or audio-visual
    support is desirable.
6.  Audio-visual presentation description and requirements.  We are
    happy to provide assistance and equipment in making your
    presentation as audio and visually appealing as possible.

Authors whose submissions are accepted will receive  instructions  for
the  preparation  of  final  papers, to be published in the conference
proceedings.  We are looking into possibilities for making  audio  and
video materials available as well.

                   * Award for Best Student Paper *

With your submission, please indicate if you are a full-time  student.
A cash prize will be awarded by the conference program committee.

Submit one hard-copy and one electronic-copy to:

    Deborah K. Scherrer                     nashville at usenix.org
    Nashville USENIX Technical Program      uunet!usenix.org!nashville
    mt Xinu                                 415-644-0146
    2560 Ninth Street                       FAX (415) 644-2680
    Berkeley, CA 94710


Abstracts Due                   February 6, 1991
Notification to Authors         March 4, 1991
Camera-ready Papers Due         April 19, 1991

Program Committee

Deborah K. Scherrer, Chair      mt Xinu
Eric P. Allman                  UC Berkeley
Frances Brazier                 Vrije Universiteit
Tom Duff                        AT&T Bell Laboratories
Daniel E. Geer                  Digital Equipment Corp.
Michael Hawley                  MIT Media Lab
Stanley P. Hanks                Technology Transfer Associates
Jun Murai                       Keio University
Alan G. Nemeth                  Digital Equipment Corporation
Jeff Peck                       Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Charles E. Perkins              IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Gretchen Phillips               State University of New York at Buffalo
Charles S. Roberts              Hewlett-Packard
Larry Stead                     Bellcore
Avadis Tevanian                 NeXT, Inc.
Deborah Scherrer                                 scherrer at mtxinu.com
Mt Xinu, Inc.                               ..!uunet!mtxinu!scherrer
2560 Ninth Street
Berkeley, CA  94710                                     415-644-0146

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