Call for Volunteers (Dallas Usenix Conference)

Eve Podet podet at usenix.ORG
Sat Dec 1 05:28:32 AEST 1990

NOTE:  The application deadline (Friday, December 7th) is approaching fast.  

------------------ Call for Terminal Room Volunteers ------------

Subject: Free Registration to Dallas Usenix Conference TECHNICAL Talks

The Terminal Room will return at the Dallas Usenix conference.  If you  
work in the room for 10 hours you will receive free registration to the
Technical Talks (Wed - Fri).  We need a total of eight people.  The
terminal room will be open:

 January 21 Monday     11:30 - 23:59
         22 Tuesday     0:00 -  2:00  and  9:30 - 23:59
         23 Wednesday   0:00 -  2:00  and  7:30 - 18:00 and 20:00 - 23:59
	 24 Thursday    0:00 -  2:00  and  7:30 - 23:59
	 25 Friday      0:00 -  2:00  and  7:30 - 14:00

An interested applicant should be able to (minimally):

    * Answer questions on use of terminal room equipment.
      Manuals on terminal/modem/printer operation will be provided.

    * Manage a queue (of people) waiting to use the equipment.

If you are interested in working, please fill in the following and
return it to terminal_room at  All applications must be received by 
Friday, December 7th 17:00 PST.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= cut here =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Will you be able to attend the Usenix Conference if you are not chosen to
work in the terminal room? absolutely/probably/maybe/no way

City/State/country/zip or postal code:
Email Address (25 chars or less):
Phone number (daytime and hours you can be reached):
If you are a student, please list the school:

Have you attended a Usenix conference before?
Are you a member of Usenix?  (you do not have to be a member
	of Usenix to work in exchange for free registration).
Planned day and time of arrival in Dallas:

The following will be used in scheduling your 10 hours of work:

I don't want to miss the talks on: (List day and time e.g., Wed. 12 - 2pm)
I would prefer not to miss these talks, but if necessary I could
miss them:
I want to go to these BoFs: (If you don't know the name, list subjects).
Other times I know I will NOT be able to work: e.g.,  I hate to get up
before noon.  or  I hate to stay up past 10pm.  or  1-2pm on Thursday:

Please describe in one paragraph why you want to work in the terminal 
room and what your qualifications are?

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I will send an acknowledgement within a week of receiving your application.

Applications are chosen based on a combination of factors which include (not
necessarily in this order):
    an inability to attend the conference otherwise
    hours available for work (and flexibility of those hours)
    student status
    level of interest in helping conference attendees 

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