Weather in Dallas in January

Dewey Henize dewey at
Fri Dec 21 06:51:05 AEST 1990

In article <15032 at> bruno at (Bruce W. Mohler) writes:
]Can anyone suggest what we might expect from the weather
]in Dallas in late January?  (I'm interested since I'll be
]in the group walking each morning to the Grand K.)
]Bruce W. Mohler

You can have your choice of anything from snow through sleet to 84 degrees
with 90% humidity.  Seriously.

Personally, I'm betting on rain and medium warm, since that's the normal
average.  It's just that the 'average' there (and here) comes from quite
wide extremes instead of a fairly narrow range.

Not much help, I know, but its true.  We had to run air conditioning at home
less than a week ago, two days later light to medium jackets would be very
appropriate during the 'heat of the day'.

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