Weather in Dallas in January

Marc Ph. A. J. St.-Gil mstgil at
Sat Dec 22 03:37:51 AEST 1990

As a native Dallasite and area resident for over 24 years, I would suggest that
you bring a little of everything except shorts and bathing suits.  It is likely
to be anywhere from 25 to 75 degrees f. in the day and 20 to 60 in the evenings
and radical changes fro day to day are not unusual.  It was in the 60s yesterday
and it will be good if we hit 30 today (12/21/90).  This is pretty typical of
north Texas weather.  So my advice to you is: bring the heavy stuff, but don't
_expect_ anything.  I will try and remember to post weather reports as we near
the conference dates.  See you there!
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