Usenix versus Uniforum

Gilligan thoth at
Wed Dec 12 06:30:10 AEST 1990

>>  Ah, but there are more trinkets/m^2 at Uniforum than at usenix (and
>>even more at the usenix IBM hospitality suite :).
>Not necessarily.

  Oh yes, Uniform has more, but IBM had less acreage to pack it in.
The hospitality suite was definitely the place to hang out.  I don't
know of too many booths at Uniforum where you could play xtrek against
other humans.  I'd like to see the vendors get their act together
enough to network some workstations and play xtank.  Throw your MIPS/$
into the arena with the rest.
  To avert reply postings of "yes, it was done at blah,blah,blah",
I'll say, *I* want to see it done, with a good machine thrashing game,
too.  It separates the Sun3s from the HPs. (our HP apollo 400s have a
faster vendor X with more bugs and fewer features than the MIT sun X).

  An ice scraper comes in real handy here at ufl :) Frisbees are more
in line, but I already have three. ( by the way, you forgot /dev/mug,
the coolest trinket of all:)
"Until it's on my desk, it's vaporware"  (`it' is the NeXT)
"Those who would trade freedom for security soon will have neither" B. Franklin
"SHIT! I'm outta acid" (intense XTank game)

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