Usenix versus Uniforum

Gilligan thoth at
Mon Dec 10 06:47:58 AEST 1990

  Ah, but there are more trinkets/m^2 at Uniforum than at usenix (and
even more at the usenix IBM hospitality suite :).

  How come everyone "gives" away T-shirts ("gives" because you often
have to listen to a speech about a product that GNU has had a better
version of for years) but no shorts, jeans, overcoats or sneakers.  I
have a million free T-shirts, but never have I been given a pair of
sneakers.  (insert indignant snort)

down with booth-babes
"Until it's on my desk, it's vaporware"  (`it' is the NeXT)
"Those who would trade freedom for security soon will have neither" B. Franklin
"SHIT! I'm outta acid" (intense XTank game)

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