anyone have details of "include" patent?

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In article <5495 at berry17.UUCP>, bukovins at motcid.UUCP (Dave Bukovinsky) writes:
> This League is discussed in a very informative article in
> "Dr. Dobb's Journal", November 1990, pp. 56-73. This article discusses
> the history and current status of software patents, and what part the
> League for Programming Freedom is playing.

I need to kick in a few cents here.  I have generally not been in the
RMS/GNU camp on how software should be free and all that, and I suppose
I have always considered them to be a bunch of idealistic college kids.
Not any more.  LPF's paper on software patents was *very* well done,
and it really woke me up -- software patents are A Bad Idea.

Example: patent 4,197,590 covers using XOR to move a cursor across
a screen, and the patent's owner is apparently getting active on

*Everybody* should read this.  Write to league at for more info.


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