Getting to the Grand K

Chip Rosenthal chip at chinacat.Unicom.COM
Fri Dec 21 17:36:56 AEST 1990

In article <241 at> rjg at (Robert J. Granvin) writes:
>Does anyone know what the options are for getting to the Grand K from
>DFW airport?

There is a bit of mileage between the two, so the cab ride is expensive.
There are super-shuttle (and other no-name) limo services which run
pretty regularly.  During prime-time the shuttle's run around through
the airport - just flag one down.  You'll want one marked (I believe)
North Dallas.  If you take the red-eye, you'll need to courtesy phone
them, but I believe they run 24 hrs.  If you keep a good attitude
(e.g. `No, I wasn't in any big hurry to get to the hotel.  I've always
wanted to see scenic Carrolton.') then you'll make it OK with a bit
less wallet leakage than with a cab ride.

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