Usenix versus Uniforum

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Wed Dec 5 12:50:10 AEST 1990

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> I am confused.  Since I am new to Unix world, I am confused to the
> different between Usenix and Uniforum.

I've been waiting to post something (sarcastic) like this for a while:

Who attends:

UniForum:  3 days, 10,000 sales people.  All of them want you
to buy their product.
Usenix:  6 days, 4,000 (?) technical people.  All of them want you to
come and work for you.

Common phrase heard:

UniForum:  "It's the best on the market!"
Usenix:  "Now that we're drunk, wanna break into to foof and rool
around with their satelite dish?"

Proper dress:
UniForum:  Business suit and jacket.
Usenix:  Clothes?  But officer it's soooo hot out here on the foof!

War story you're likely hear:
UniForum:  "My First X-Windows Experience"
Usenix:  "When 10 bytes was a lot of RAM"

How to find fun:
Usenix:  Look for signs that offer to "save your face".
UniForum:  Look for the signs that say, "free bus back to Usenix"

(Of course I'm ONLY kidding!  I enjoy both.  They're just VERY
different and you get VERY different things out of both.)
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