Request for Proposal to Chair

Ellie Young ellie at usenix.ORG
Fri Nov 16 10:21:18 AEST 1990

Request for Proposals to Chair
the Large Installation Systems Administration (LISA) Conference

The USENIX Association is once again seeking proposals from people 
interested in chairing its fifth LISA conference, to be held sometime
in the Fall of 1991 or Spring of 1992.

We are seeking an energetic person with the following qualifications:

Good administrative skills
A lot of experience in the administration of large installations 
Good public speaking skills
Knowledge of what are the timely/appropriate topics in the field 
Ability to solicit good panel members/appropriate speakers
Attendance at previous LISA workshops/conferences

Proposals should be brief (1 page) and might include the

Statement of Purpose (e.g., why should we have another one?)	
Form of submissions  (e.g., abstracts, extended abstracts or full
Format (e.g., 2 days of technical sessions, panel sessions, etc.)
List of topics to be addressed, as in the call for papers
Special features, such as having tutorials, BOFs, vendor demos.
List of potential program committee members and/or a co-chair* 
Biography and references

*  While most USENIX conferences have had an individual chair,
proposals requesting a co-chair and/or small program committee are
welcome.   The chair of the 1990 LISA Conference (Steve Simmons) has
offered to be a part of the 1991 program committee as well.

Proposal due date:  January 4, 1991.

Please address all inquiries and proposals to the Association's
executive director, Ellie Young (ellie at .

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