BOF Sessions

Brad Templeton brad at
Thu Nov 22 12:26:36 AEST 1990

In article <47326 at eerie.acsu.Buffalo.EDU> ragarwal at sybil.cs.Buffalo.EDU (Rajesh S. Agarwalla) writes:
>I am hopefully going to be attending this conference for the first
>time. Hence, I am not sure of what BOF sessions are. Could you please
>let me know what they are and if you can, please send me a schedule -
>topics - for these sessions.

Actually, my experience at the past few USENIX conferences has been that
there are almost no BOFs left.  About 80% of the BOF sessions seem to simply
be alternate talks, with speakers, transparencies and prepared talks.
Admittedly, they are less formal than the program sessions, but they are
not quite what one would think of as BOFs.
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