How to Pay (Re: US$ drawn on a US bank)

Matt.Caprile mfc at
Thu Nov 29 02:19:25 AEST 1990

[Discussion of the fact that USENIX doesn't accept cheques on foreign
 banks, even when in USD, and not even on Canadian banks ]

In article <1990Nov23.152052.7138 at> ecl at (Evelyn C. Leeper) writes:
>One way around all this mess is to mail cash.  Yes, I know everyone says not to
>do it, but when was the last time your mail got lost?  

Living in Europe, This problem comes up rather often for me.
I have the choice of :
 - wiring money from my bank, in the proper currency
 - going to the post to get a "guaranteed cheque" (Teller's Cheque?)
 - going to my bank and getting cash in the proper currency
 - going to my bank and getting a travellors cheque in the proper currency

I have found the last solution to be the easiest, and the least expensive.
(Unless the amount is something like $10.05 : the smallest denomination
for travellor's cheques is normally around $10-$15, depending on currency)

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