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If you couldn't join us in Colorado Springs, CO, the proceedings from 
the Large Installation Systems Administration IV Conference are now 
available for $15 to USENIX members, and $18 to non-members (add $8 for 
foreign postage).  You can place an order by phone or email using    
your VISA or Mastercard.
Telephone:  415-528-8649  Email: office at

Above price includes domestic shipping and handling charges.

You can also mail a check or purchase order to:

USENIX Association 
2560 Ninth St., Suite 215 
Berkeley CA 94710

			The USENIX Association Staff 


Conference Program:

Users, Users, Users Thursday  Chair:  Steve Simmons

ACMAINT:  An Account Creation and Maintenance System for Distributed 
UNIX Systems 
David A. Curry, SRI International, Samuel D. Kimery, Kent C. De La 
Croix, and Jeffrey R. Schwab, Purdue University

UDB -- User Data Base System 
Roland J. Stolfa and Mark J. Vasoll, Oklahoma State University

GAUD:  RAND's Group and User Database 
Michael Urban, The RAND Corporation

newu:  Multi-host User Setup 
Stephen P. Schaefer, MCNC
Satyanarayana R. Vemulakonda, formerly of Duke University Computer 
Science Dept.

Uniqname Overview 
William A. Doster, Yew-Hong Leong, and Steven J. Mattson, The University
of Michigan

Managing Outside Software Thursday  Chair:  Nick Simicich

The Depot:  A Framework for Sharing Software Installation Across 
Organizational and UNIX Platform Boundaries 
Kenneth Manheimer, NIST Barry A. Warsaw, Century Computing,
Stephen N. Clark, NIST Walter Rowe, NIST 

Guidelines and Tools for Software Maintenance 
Kevin C. Smallwood, Purdue University Computing Center

Keeping Up With the Manual System 
Kevin Braunsdorf, Purdue University Computing Center

The Answer to All Man's Problems 
Tom Christiansen, Convex Computer Corporatioin

Life Without Root 
Steve Simmons, Industrial Technology Institute

Tools For The Administrator Friday  Chair:  Kevin Smallwood

Trouble-MH:  A Work-Queue Management Package for a >3 Ring Circus 
Tinsley Galyean, Brown University
Trent Hein and Evi Nemeth, University of Colorado

A Console Server 
Thomas A. Fine and Steven M. Romig, The Ohio State University

Network Monitoring by Scripts 
Katy Kislitzin, Computer Sciences Corporation

Using expect to Automate System Administration Tasks 
Don Libes, National Institute of Standards and Technology Gaithersburg, 
MD libes at

Policy as a System Administration Tool 
Elizabeth D. Zwicky, SRI International
Steve Simmons and Ron Dalton, Industrial Technology Institute

Mail and Backups -- Old Problems With New Faces Friday 
Chair: Elizabeth Zwicky, SRI International 

Integrating X.500 Directory Service into a Large Campus Computing 
Timothy Howes, University of Michigan 

A Domain Mail System on Dissimilar Computers:  Trials and Tribulations 
of SMTP 
Helen E. Harrison, SAS Institute, Inc.

Backup at Ohio State, Take 2 
Steven M. Romig, The Ohio State University

The AFS 3.0 Backup System 
Steve Lammert, Transarc Corporation

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