anyone have details of "include" patent?

Dick Dunn rcd at
Tue Nov 27 09:32:15 AEST 1990

In a questionnaire sent to USENIX members, there's some exploration of what
activities USENIX might spend money on.  Among these is mention of the
possibility of activity against software patents (to which I say "yes, and
get going on it!":-) with a cryptic note about the idea of an include file
having recently been granted a patent, after the application pending for
15 years.

I'm perplexed about this "include patent".  There are obvious replies like
"BUT...(sputter)...wait!...  that can't be!...", knowing that the idea of
an include file is a lot older than 15 years, but I'd rather rail against
something concrete--which I can't do without knowing what was patented.

Can anyone shed light on this?  Conjecture won't help; please don't follow
up with what you "heard someone who knows somebody who knows someone..."
say.  (In fact, if you'll email info, I'll gladly summarize it ASAP.)
What was patented; who owns the patent?
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