student scholarships for Dallas USENIX conference?

Ellie Young ellie at usenix.ORG
Sat Nov 17 04:25:08 AEST 1990

In article <4052 at media-lab.MEDIA.MIT.EDU>, henry at (Henry Mensch) writes:
> received the program for the upcoming Dallas USENIX and some of our students
> are asking about 'scholarships' to the conference which have been available
> in the past.
> will this program continue for the Dallas conference?
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> # Henry Mensch    /   <henry at>   /   E40-379 MIT,  Cambridge, MA

Henry and other full-time students:  Here's the application form --


        	USENIX Association Student Attendee Grant
			Application Form

The Association will award a limited number of travel and accommodation
grants to full-time students interested in attending the USENIX
Winter 1991 Conference Program (January 21-25, 1991) in Dallas, TX.
Interested full-time students should return this form
together with a copy of their current student identification to:
If you have not yet received information about registration,
please contact the USENIX  Conference Office at tel: 714-588-8649.

		Ellie Young, Executive Director
			USENIX Association
		2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215
			Berkeley, CA 94710

Applications must arrive by January 2, 1991.


Street Address 

City,  State,  Zip Code

___________________________    ______________________
Phone number			e-mail address

Academic institution

Expense Request

Please estimate as best you can

Travel:			_________

Accommodation:		_________

Fees:			_________

Total Requested:	$_________

Date / Signature

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