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raczka at (Christopher Raczka) writes:
|>>    I want to extend a THANK YOU to Michael O'Dell and
|>>    everyone at USENIX associated with the "Musical Offering"
|>>    Peter Langston and Mike Hawley will now recieve some overdue
|>>    recognition
|>>    The entire volume (3,no.2) of Computing Systems is 
|>>    proving to be another method to get others excited
|>>    about UNIX
|>>    Thanks again
|>Ditto here!  My only regret was that I had to wait until I got home to
|>play the CD since I don't own a portable.  :-)

Since we're seeing dittos here, I'll just add my own.  The issue of Computing
Systems was very interesting, and the added CD was a terrific bonus.  When
I had it waiting for me as a package in my PO Box (since it didn't fit), I
thought it was "interesting" that it was bigger than normal.  I opened it
up and this CD popped out!  Wow!  Since I was in my car, I popped it in
my CD deck in the car and started to listen.  I started to laugh, since
I didn't know what it was all about (obviously not reading the issue yet).
I started to hear tones, short excerpts, etc...  I fast forwarded and heard
Edie and Eddie and I knew what that was (since I had called the demo before!)

Great job!  And I look forward to seeing more of this in the future.  It'll
be a a collectors item, someday.  Or maybe K-Tel will be making advertisements
on late-night TV, "Not available in stores, 32 tracks from the hotest new
electronic groups ... Computing Systems Presents ..."

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