Computing Systems

Peter Salus peter at
Thu Sep 13 00:22:07 AEST 1990

 I must admit that all of us connected with COMPUTING
SYSTEMS are gratified with the response to 3.2.  But 
I want to take this opportunity to remind you that 
the quality of the journal is your business:  Mike 
O'Dell and I can't produce the articles, nor can the 
unsung readers of submissions.

As of this issue, we have accepted just about one 
paper for every seven submitted.  But we need those 
submissions.  I know that many of you have publishable 
work:  we want to see it!  There are many, many topics 
on which we receive no submissions.  There are topics 
which (I think) cry out for investigation.

If you're not sure:  email to me or to Mike (the 
Editor in Chief; mo at  We always
respond to email.

Send us stuff!


The difference between practice and theory in practice is always
greater than the difference between practice and theory in theory. 

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