Where can I order 4.3BSD manuals?

snow at drycas.club.cc.cmu.edu snow at drycas.club.cc.cmu.edu
Sun Sep 23 07:43:52 AEST 1990

On the inside front cover of my 4.3BSD manuals is the following notice:

  Printed by the USENIX Association as a service to the UNIX Communi-
  ty.  This material is copyrighted by The Regents of the University of
  California and/or Bell Telephone Laboratories, and is reprinted by per-
  mission.  Permission for the publication or other use of these materials
  may be granted only by the Licensors and copyright holders.

Having seen my copies of these manuals, several friends and associates have
asked where they can get copies.  Unfortunately, I can't find an address for
them to write to anywhere in them.  I bought my copies in a different state;
I can't very well ask them to travel 750 miles to a store which may or may
not still have copies for sale.

The above notice directed me here.  Who can tell me how (but mostly where)
to order the 4.3 edition of the USENIX manuals?


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