FaceSaver labels.

Bradley C. Spatz bcs at frenulum.eng.ufl.edu
Tue Sep 18 01:37:56 AEST 1990

To all those interested in printing their own FaceSaver return-address labels
like those found at Usenix conferences, I have a home-grown program to
do the same.

The label software is available via anonymous FTP from our
archive server, eng.ufl.edu, as pub/face_labels.tar.Z.  The package has
the filter, a sample FaceSaver file, and a README.

The program prints 30 labels to a page.  I have used Avery "Laser
Printer Labels,"
#5260.  I got a packet with 25 sheets for $7.25.  I suggest printing a
page on
regular paper and taking that to an office supplies store.

Contact me via electronic mail if you have questions.


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bcs at ufl.edu
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