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Ellie Young ellie at usenix.ORG
Sat Sep 22 08:49:38 AEST 1990

Call for Papers:  USENIX C++ Conference

     USENIX is pleased to host its third C++ conference in Washington, D.C.,
April 22-25, 1991.  Monday and Tuesday will offer
tutorials; Wednesday and Thursday are technical sessions.
This announcement provides early information about the date of events
as well as persons to contact for further information.
The pre-registration packet containing detailed Conference information and
hotel reservation information will be mailed in February, 1991.

     The meeting headquarters will be the Washington D.C. Sheraton Hotel.

Schedule of Events

Tutorials, April 22-23

     Introductory and intermediate tutorials will be provided
on the C++ language, libraries, and environments.  Please contact
the program chair if you wish to propose to give a tutorial
or to suggest a topic you would like to see covered in a tutorial.

Technical Sessions, April 24-25

     The technical sessions will cover the spectrum of recent research,
development, and experience developing C++ software.  Papers are solicited
on all aspects of C++, including:

	Language features
	Programming environments
	Class libraries

     Extended abstracts of at most 2500 words (10 pages double-spaced)
     should be submitted electronically (PostScript, troff, or TeX) or
     eight (8) copies on paper to the program chairman by November 30, 1990.
     Authors will be notified of acceptance by January 25, 1991 and
     final camera-ready papers are due March 1, 1991.

	Program Chairman

	Mark Linton
	Silicon Graphics, Inc.
	2011 N. Shoreline Blvd.
	P.O. Box 7311
	Mountain View, CA 94039-7311
	Telephone (415) 335-7204
	FAX (415) 965-7651
	linton at

Program Committee:

	Mark Linton		Silicon Graphics, chair

	Keith Gorlen		National Institutes of Health
	Doug Lea		SUNY Oswego
	Steve Reiss		Brown University
	Vince Russo		Purdue University
	Rob Seliger		Hewlett-Packard
	Jonathan Shopiro	AT&T Bell Laboratories
	Michael Tiemann		Cygnus Support
	Jim Waldo		HP Apollo

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