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Thu Sep 6 07:55:33 AEST 1990

In article <1990Sep4.191716.18352 at> scott at nbc1.GE.COM (Scott Barman) writes:
   >In article <1990Aug31.025454.16549 at> raczka at (Christopher Raczka) writes:
   >>    I want to extend a THANK YOU to Michael O'Dell and
   >>    everyone at USENIX associated with the "Musical Offering"
   >>    Peter Langston and Mike Hawley will now recieve some overdue
   >>    recognition

Ditto!  Ditto!

   >Now I have to figure out how we can make our DECTalk sing, too! :-)

It shouldn't be too hard since DEC was able to do it. 1/2 :-)
The first time I saw the beast it was singing.   At least to
this poster it sounded better[sic] when it was singing.

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