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Bradley C. Spatz bcs at frenulum.eng.ufl.edu
Mon Sep 10 05:46:20 AEST 1990

In article <490 at walt.testeng.amdahl.com>, jya00 at walt.testeng.amdahl.com
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|> I was wondering if anyone knows if the updated version of the
|> software used at USENIX to print the labels was available yet. I
|> the June 1989 version and noticed a difference from the labels
|> at the Anaheim conference (June 1990). I'm using a Sun/Apple

I have a filter to print FaceSaver labels, 30 to a page, as usual.  It's
is essentially

	cat facesaver_file | face_labels | lpr ...

If anyone's interested in getting a copy (it is a short shell script),
send me mail; I'll make it available via anonymous FTP if sufficient
demand exists.
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