How to get UKUUG conference proceedings

Jim Reid jim at
Wed Jun 26 21:51:07 AEST 1991

In article <1991Jun18.133301.7523 at> mleech at (Marcus Leech) writes:

   I'm looking for the Summer 1990 UKUUG conference proceedings.
   Anybody know how I can get a copy?  What's their address?

Copies of the proceedings from past UKUUG conferences are available
from the UKUUG Secretariat. The address is:
	UKUUG Secretariat,
	Owles Hall,
	Owles Lane,
	SG9 9PL,

Copies will only be sent on receipt of an official order. You can also
send email to ukuug at to request an order form.

Alternatively, credit card holders can place orders by telephone. The
number is +44 763 73475. (This number can also be used for general
UKUUG enquiries). The fax number of the secretariat is +44 763 73255.


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