USENIX 1992 Winter Technical Conference

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          USENIX Winter 1992 Technical Conference
                    January 20-24, 1992
                   San Francisco Hilton
                 San Francisco, California

USENIX, the UNIX and Advanced Computing Systems Professional
and  Technical organization, is a not-for-profit association
dedicated to

 + fostering innovation and communicating research and tech-
   nological developments,
 + sharing ideas and experience,  relevant  to  UNIX,  UNIX-
   related and advanced computing systems,
 + providing a forum for the exercise  of  critical  thought
   and airing of technical issues.

Founded in 1975, USENIX sponsors two annual conferences  and
frequent  workshops and symposia addressing special interest
topics. USENIX publishes proceedings of  its  meetings,  the
bi-monthly  newsletter  ;login:,  a refereed technical quar-
terly Computing Systems, and  is  expanding  its  publishing
role  with a book series on advanced computing systems.  The
Association also actively participates  in  and  reports  on
various ANSI, IEEE and ISO standards efforts.

                     SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Tutorial Program
Monday and Tuesday, January 20-21

Refereed Papers and Invited Talks
Wednesday through Friday, January 22-24

USENIX Reception
Wednesday evening, January 22

UniForum, scheduled  concurrently  with  the  USENIX  Winter
Conference,  takes  place  January  22-24 at San Francisco's
Moscone Convention Center.

The USENIX Association's two  annual  technical  conferences
are well recognized as the leading forums for the communica-
tion of new research and investigation of important develop-
ments  in  UNIX, UNIX-related and advanced computing systems
as well as for the tutorial program offerings.

At the USENIX Winter  1992  Technical  Conference,  software
professionals  and  technical  managers  tackle questions of
immediate importance to advance computing  systems  develop-
ment and management.

Tutorial Program

Tutorial  Coordinator:  Daniel  V.  Klein  (412)   421-2332,
dvk at

Introductory as well as advanced, intensive  yet  practical,
example-filled  tutorials  by  leading experts will focus on
topics essential to successful technical management of UNIX,
UNIX-like advanced computing systems, X windows, Mach, the C
and C++ programming languages and related areas of interest.
The  tutorial  program  at San Francisco will include topics
such as:

Programming in Perl                 Advanced System Administration
Introduction to the TCP/IP Suite    Network Programming
Introduction to C++                 Programming with OSF/Motif
System VR4 Internals                Programming X Windows
Network and System Security         OSF/1 Internals
UNIX Programming Tools              Introduction to X Toolkit Intrinsics
Mach Overview                       New Kernel Facilities in 4.3BSD-Reno

Refereed Papers

Papers formally reviewed and accepted  by  the  Winter  1992
Conference   Program  Committee  are  presented  during  the
conference's three days of technical sessions and  published
in  the conference proceedings.  Presentations are supported
with  appropriate  audio/visual  and  include  a   scheduled
question-and-answer period.

Invited Talks

Invited Talks Coordinators:
    Sharon Murrel, AT&T Bell Laboratories
    Andrew Hume, AT&T Bell Laboratories

A full series of invited talks  will  teach  the  tricks  of
using  standard  UNIX  tools  and tackle the difficulties of
system  administration  and  integration.  We  welcome  both
suggestions  for  new and interesting topics as well as sub-
missions proposing a particular  session.  Proposals  should
include a brief outline. Be sure to emphasize why your topic
is of general interest to our community and what  your  main
focus    would    be.    Send    these    submissions    to:
ITusenix at Usenix.ORG or uunet!usenix!ITusenix paper or Andrew
Hume,  Bell  Labs  2C-515,  Murray Hill, NJ 07974  fax (908)

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

Tuesday-Thursday evenings., January 21-23

Schedule a BOF in advance by contacting Judy  DesHarnais  in
the   USENIX   Conference   Office   at  (714)  588-8648  or
judy at

Conference Headquarters: San Francisco Hilton

A luxury hotel in the heart of downtown San  Francisco,  two
blocks  south  of  Union Square. Discount air fares and spe-
cial, affordable room rates at the San Francisco  Hilton  on
Hilton  Square and nearby hotels will be available to USENIX
Conference attendees.

The SF Bay Area abounds with  adventures  for  every  taste.
Information  on  many  activities  will  be included in your
registration packet, such as:

    "The City's" wonderful restaurants
    Golden Gate Park
    The Exploratorium
    The Garage (Technology Museum), San Jose
    Muir WoodsQA Natural "Redwood Cathedral" just across SF Bay
    Touring the Wine Country
    and much more!

Materials  containing  all  details  of  the  technical  and
tutorial program, conference registration, hotel and airline
reservation information will be mailed in October 1991.   If
you  did  not  receive  a  printed copy of this announcement
directly and wish to receive the pre-registration materials,
please contact:

    USENIX Conference Office
    22672 Lambert St., Suite 613
    El Toro, CA 92630
    (714) 588-8649, FAX (714) 588-9706.

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