Invited Talks in the proceedings...

Michael O'Dell mo at
Sun Jun 30 22:28:52 AEST 1991

Size of the proceedings has nothing to do with it.

One of the rules for the Invited Talks is that we don't want to
require the speaker to write something.  That dramatically narrows
what can be drawn.  Publishing an abstract may be possible,
but not more than that.  (If an author provides us with something,
that's another matter, but requiring it is not an option.)

Also, regarding tracking,
whenever we have N>1 tracks, some subset of delegates complains
about having to decide between N interesting talks.
When we have N=1 tracks, some other subset complains about not
having anything else to go to during talks they consider uninteresting.
The cardinality of the two sets is astonishingly the same. 
So, you can't win from that viewpoint.  

Multitrack conferences, however, are here to stay, at least for a
considerable while.  THe Invited Talks are very, very sucessful,
we want refereed papers, and there aren't enough slots
without multi-tracking.


	-Mike O'Dell

Bellcore don't have no opinion about nothin'.  Not even grammar.

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