Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

Michel Fingerhut fingerhu at ircam.fr
Sun Jun 23 05:27:21 AEST 1991

Now that I got your attention...  I would much prefer Usenix to take place in
the heart of a nice, populated city, with a convention center say, rather than
in an isolated (i.e., suburbs) gigantic hotel which requires one to rent a car
in order to go anywhere rather than use one's legs.

Baltimore, Phoenix, Washington were good examples;  Nashville, Dallas and Miami
Beach were not.

I understand that for some (obscure) reason international Usenix conventions
have to be held in mainland USA (rather than in Canada or Mexico, say, or more
exotic places).  But I suppose there are plenty of nice US cities in which it
could be held and that would still attract attendees; to name but a few: New
Orleans (where I attended a POPL conf. in the vieux carre'), Santa Fe,
Cleveland, Boston...  I am sure there are many others.

Just a wish.

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