Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

Sean Eric Fagan sef at kithrup.COM
Sat Jun 29 09:52:14 AEST 1991

In article <1991Jun28.165006.713 at oar.net> karl.kleinpaste at osc.edu writes:
>Pick convention locations because of what it'll do for Usenix, please,
>not for what it'll do for your feelings and political views.  

That's fine, except for:

>your personal and political views as you see fit, as always.  Don't
>attend the New Orleans Usenix Conference, if you wish, as your
>personal statement against Louisiana's habits.  

If enough people boycott the New Orleans Usenix Conference (as I would, but
that's just *my* opinion), then either too few people will come for usenix
to bother getting the rooms for the conference, or usenix will reserve more
rooms than people rent, and will have to pay the difference.  Either way, it
is not good for usenix, and will damage the conference and possibly
proceeding ones as well.

I can't think of a solution.  I do not believe that the UseNIX Association
should boycott certain areas for political reasons, *unless the membership
votes on it and agree*.  On the other hand, if individuals are going to do
so, then the UA does have to take that into consideration when choosing

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