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Thu Jun 6 14:07:14 AEST 1991

	[ Please repost this to other local newsgroups, mailing lists,  BBS's
	  and bulletin boards near the Nashville, TN area (parts of
	  KY, AL, and GA?). ]

There will be a GNU (GNU's Not Unix) BOF at the Nashville Summer
Usenix.  It's scheduled for Tuesday night, June 11th at 9:00pm in room
Jefferson A after the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) BOF from
7pm to 9pm.

Please double check the place and time at the BOF Board near the
USENIX Registration area.

Len Tower from FSF will be present.

The goals are to meet past, present and future GNU contributors; and
to answer questions about the GNU Project and the Free Software

enjoy -len

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