Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

Tom Christiansen tchrist at convex.COM
Tue Jun 25 05:17:05 AEST 1991

>From the keyboard of cgw at vaxb.acs.unt.edu:
:but i agree with the first guy (whose text i didn't include). it's ALREADY
:sweltering here (Denton) in june, can you imagine San Antonio? *phew*!

Depends on your idea of sweltering: it hasn't really popped into the triple
digits here yet, for which I'm quite thankful.  

I was comparing the Nashville temperatures with San Antonio's during the
conference, and found that San Antonio averaged around 10 degrees warmer
each day, that is, upper 90s instead of upper 80s.  It will not be quite
so humid there as it was in Nashville, which will help, plus San Antonio
is also less of an aerial mold farm than was Nashville, a blessing for
those of us who had to choose between a clear nose and a clear mind.

Best of all, we won't be utterly immobilized at the hotel.  This is more
important to me than the possibly high temperature.  (Of course, this
being my 5th summer in Texas, perhaps I've become inured to it.)  I grew
exceedingly weary of Rachel's Kitchen by the end of the conference.  

Whether we're going to get looked down at by the hotel staff as much in
Texas as we were in Tennesee is yet to be seen, but I can't imagine it
being worse.  Three friends and I walked into Rhett's one night looking
for an alternative to Rachel's, and the maitre d' asked, "May I help you
with something?"  Come on, we didn't walk into a restaurant just looking
to use their john!  I heard other reports of this sort of treatment as well.

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