Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

Brian Keves - Consultant keves at meaddata.com
Wed Jun 26 00:29:29 AEST 1991

In article <29073 at drilex.UUCP> dricejb at drilex.UUCP (Craig Jackson drilex1) writes:
>In article <BZS.91Jun23184600 at world.std.com> bzs at world.std.com (Barry Shein) writes:
>>3. Winter '93 - San Diego Town & Country, in town, not quite downtown
>>	but a few minutes drive, certainly not "out in the suburbs" by
>>	any means.
>Actually, as I remember, the Town & Country is in an area called 'Hotel 
>Circle', which is a little valley which contains almost nothing except
>hotels & related restaurants, etc.  ...

This is not exactly accurate. Being a San Diegan (not native, but wish I
was) I can tell you a little more about Mission Valley. The Town &
Country is in Hotel circle, but Hotel Circle is in Mission Valley and it is
not a "little valley." Mission Valley keeps going East for quite a few miles.

Anyways, one parking lot to the North is the Fashion Valley shopping
center, which has just about anything you can think of including one of
the city's largest bus terminals. Right across the street (West) is a
Golfing Range and one hotel past that is a huge theater, which usually
has one of the big movies playing. Fashion Valley also has a 4 plex.

If we go East we have a maze of shopping centers, restaurants and
movie theaters. All of these things are a "medium-long walk", a short bus
ride or an inexpensive taxi ride away.

Personally I prefer Mission Valley to downtown. Nothing happens in
Downtown, outside of a couple Jazz bars, after 10 PM. Mission Valley
isn't much better, but that is the nature of San Diego.

If you want action try La Jolla, for those who want to mingle with the
"upper crust", or Pacific Beach for those who don't. These places are
both on the water.

And above all, have fun. But don't let those California beaches or
blondes divert you from your reason for being there.

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